How to shop for the Dallas Stars jersey with the jersey barrier

If you’re planning to wear the Dallas Mavericks jerseys for a home game this season, the new jersey barrier has been announced.

This is the first time the jersey barriers have been installed at major sporting events, according to a press release.

The barriers will remain in place at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport for at least the remainder of the season, which is why fans are still encouraged to stay inside the stadium.

Here’s how to get started:  The Dallas Mavericks will begin the 2017-18 season on Wednesday, March 11, when they host the New Orleans Pelicans at American Airlines Center.

Fans can pick up their 2017-19 Mavericks jerseys on Wednesday morning at the following store locations: The Dallas Cowboys will open their season on Thursday, March 12 against the Philadelphia 76ers at American Bank Center.

The Cowboys will have the most-worn jersey in the league on Thursday night, March 19 when they face the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center. 

The Lakers will open the 2017-’18 regular season on Friday, March 22 against the Cleveland Cavaliers at Staples Arena.

Fans will have to wait until Wednesday evening, March 14, when the Lakers play the Miami Heat at AmericanAirlines Arena.

The Lakers will also be without guard Kobe Bryant, who will be out with a strained right knee. 

A fan can also pick up a pair of Dallas Mavericks uniform patches for free at the Nike+ store in the Nike Dallas flagship store in downtown Dallas.