Which NFL team is the most likely to become the next major concussion culprit?

The league has made it clear that the league is willing to accept the results of the concussion protocol in the coming weeks.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Thursday that he expects to announce his own guidelines on how to treat concussions soon.

It’s unclear whether the new guidelines will include a blanket ban on head injuries.

The league has also been working on an official protocol for its concussion-focused medical teams, which include doctors, nurses, athletic trainers and medical personnel, and it plans to unveil it during the upcoming season.

The NFL has made its concussion protocol public before, but the league did so after the NFL Players Association filed a grievance in an effort to stop the implementation of the protocol in late 2015.

The grievance was eventually settled, but some league players said that the lack of protocol was the reason why some players were hesitant to go through the concussion protocols.

The NFLPA also filed a complaint against the NFL for its handling of the player’s union.