How much does the new NHL jersey cost?

As the New York Islanders prepare to begin their inaugural season, fans are paying more than $20,000 for a new jersey.

But it turns out the jerseys are cheaper than they sound.

A new jersey costs about $19,500 to make, and that’s just for the upper right leg and neckline.

For the jersey to be worth more than that, the team would need to pay $60,000 to make it all the way to the bottom of the jersey, according to the new York Islanders’ website.

The new jerseys cost about $30,000 each, and the team’s website shows that they cost about 40 cents each to make.

That’s a $9,500 difference.

So that’s how much a new Islanders jersey would cost if it was a real jersey, not a replica.

The team’s sales representatives, however, say that’s not the case.

The jerseys are made of polyester and have a high elasticity, so they won’t stretch much, the spokesman said.

The jerseys also aren’t supposed to be able to stretch much beyond the neckline, he said.

They’re supposed to have an elasticity of about 4 to 5.

So how do you get the elasticity?

The elasticity is achieved by stretching out the jersey before it is cut.

So a jersey made with a stretchy jersey could have a stretchier fabric than a jersey that is supposed to feel like a real one.

So why do the jerseys look cheap?

There are a number of reasons, but the most common is the fact that they are cheap because the Islanders are going to wear them, said Joe Tzortzis, a spokesman for the team.

The Islanders have not released their new uniforms.

But they are expected to start wearing them at their season opener on Tuesday.

The uniforms were approved in November, and it’s unclear when they will go on sale.