How ‘Superman’ Will Rebuild the NFL and Make it Big Again

The league is in the midst of a new era.

The stars are finally aligning for the Super Bowl, and the NFL is set to enter a new period of sustained success.

Yet some of its brightest minds have been unable to bring together the stars of its old guard and forge a cohesive vision for the future. 

The New Yorker’s Chris Cillizza has assembled an impressive roster of thinkers and thinkers to discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead. 

One of the most fascinating stories we have heard is how, for all of the excitement and anticipation, the NFL has been unable (and perhaps unwilling) to develop a cohesive blueprint for its future.

The New Yorker article is a fascinating look into the minds of some of the league’s most influential minds, with a particular focus on how the league has failed to identify its true strengths. 

In the article, Cillillo discusses the evolution of the NFL from the 1990s to the present day, and why the league needs to rethink its strategy.

He also details the current state of play and how the new owners have failed to find the right balance between the long-term vision of the owners and the short-term goals of the players.

The article is also an excellent primer for those who are curious about how the NFL will operate as it enters the next phase of its growth and development.

It is the best of the best, and is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the future of the game. 

As the league continues to build on its success, it is vital to identify where it has gone wrong, and what the league should do differently to remedy these issues.

The article is worth a read.