How to get rid of a bad NFL jersey in 10 minutes or less

You’re going to need a little help.

That’s the gist of a new video from The National Football League.

It shows how to get your own jersey, which is a popular way to show off your fandom and fandom.

The video shows a guy in a red and blue NFL jersey, and he walks over to a woman in a white and black NFL jersey.

They get into an argument, and the woman throws a chair at the man, who is standing in the middle of the floor.

She grabs him by the shirt and pulls him into a bathroom.

It’s then that the woman takes off the shirt.

The NFL has released a video explaining how to remove the bad NFL Jersey.

The best part is that the player doesn’t even have to touch the bad jersey.

This is pretty impressive.

You can see the NFL on ESPN’s YouTube channel and at