Jersey Shore Casino opens up to new players

Casino owner Joe Gagnon says he’s opening up the franchise to new customers and he expects to open up new gambling floors this fall.

The Jersey Shore casinos are already serving as a destination for the gaming industry, but Gagnons vision is to open them up to the public in the fall.

Gagnones casino will offer up to 30 slot machines, a pool table and a poker room.

Gagne told us the first slot machine will open on Friday.

We’ll be back next week to see if Gagnone’s casino is up to scratch.

We asked Gagnoni if he would have the ability to expand the casino to include all of its games.

“Yeah, we’ll see if it’s possible,” he said.

Gaggone said the casino has been working on getting licensed and that he expects it to open in the spring.

He said he hopes to open it this fall for the first time.

Gaggenon said he’s been trying to get licensed for a while.

He was licensed in 2015.

Gegenon said there’s a lot of interest in the area, but that it’s hard to get a casino license because there are a lot more gaming facilities in New Jersey.

Gaggerone said he expects about 50 slots and pool tables at the Jersey Shore, and a bowling alley in the future.

We will see what happens.

We have no idea what Gagnony’s plan is.

We also spoke with Gagge’s wife, who said she was worried about her husband.

“We had no idea when he was going to come,” she said.

“I mean, he never told us anything.

He didn’t tell me.

It just didn’t make sense.

We had no clue.”

The Gagnonies said they don’t want to lose their daughter, who was born in June.

“She’s a little girl, she’s a sweet little girl,” Gagnoned said.

We called Gagnonis for comment, but he didn’t return our calls.