NFL jerseys: New NFL jersey deals

NFL players have been buying jerseys and gear for years, and with the NFL’s new uniform deal, the NFL is getting a lot of new stuff.

Here’s a look at the top 10 deals from the first half of the season.1.

Chicago Bears jerseysThe Bears are on a roll right now.

The team has won two consecutive playoff games, and they’ve been a top-10 team in the NFL for the past three seasons.

That’s a good start.

But Bears fans should probably be more excited about the next jerseys deal, because this is the first of several.2.

Oakland Raiders jerseysThe Raiders are getting some of the best jerseys in the league right now, and that includes the ones from the NFL and the NFLPA.

The Raiders have a history of winning games in the last few years, so the fans might be getting some nice things in this deal.3.

Jacksonville Jaguars jerseysThe Jaguars have been a perennial contender for the last decade, and this season they were able to make a few big moves.

The first deal was a big one: the team has added a new home for the home opener, and it’s going to be a big night for the team.4.

Green Bay Packers jerseysThe Packers are getting a big contract this year.

They signed two new players: Aaron Rodgers, who is getting $40 million over the next three years, plus $10 million for every home game.

That gives the Packers the kind of money that’s hard to find in a salary cap world, so this deal is a solid one for the franchise.5.

Minnesota Vikings jerseysThe Vikings have been one of the league’s better teams, and the new deal gives the team another good one to consider.

The Vikings have a lot to prove this season, and their new uniforms are a good step in the right direction.6.

Arizona Cardinals jerseysThe Cardinals got a little too much attention this season after they signed wide receiver Mike Wallace to a massive contract.

Now they’re getting a little less attention, and now the Cardinals are getting the best deals.

The Cardinals have a new look this year, and hopefully the new uniforms will help.7.

Houston Texans jerseysThe Texans had some good years in 2016, but they’ve had some big years in recent years, with quarterback Deshaun Watson and running back DeAndre Hopkins both getting huge contracts.

The Texans have a big year this year with a new deal, and I think they’ll get some good deals for this one.8.

New Orleans Saints jerseysThe Saints are getting an extension this year and are also getting a deal that gives them one of their biggest contracts of the next few years.

They’ve got a new jersey deal coming up, and you know what?

I love it.

They’re going to have a good year.9.

Tennessee Titans jerseysI’m not sure what the deal is for Tennessee Titans fans, but it should be worth $20 million a year.

The Titans have been the team to beat for a while now, but this deal should help their fans.10.

Atlanta Falcons jerseysI’ve heard some Falcons fans argue that this deal will help the team in 2017, and there’s no question the team needs to be in the playoffs again.

But that doesn’t mean the deal will pay off, and if the Falcons miss the playoffs in 2017 or 2018, they could be out of the playoffs for a long time.11.

San Diego Chargers jerseysThe Chargers have been in the spotlight lately, and not just for the way they’ve dealt with the media.

The Chargers have some good pieces, and a big deal with a lot more to come.12.

Cleveland Browns jerseysThe Browns are still one of my favorite teams to watch in the AFC South, but the Browns were recently downgraded to the No. 13 spot in the rankings, so there’s a lot going on.

The Browns have a deal coming down the road, and even though I’m not a big fan of the new uniform, I’m sure it will make for a nice upgrade.13.

San Francisco 49ers jerseysThe 49ers are one of those teams that I’m always surprised to see on the radar, and one of them is getting another big deal.

This deal will give the Niners the kind, big-name contracts that they have been missing all season.14.

New England Patriots jerseysI love how the Patriots have been doing well recently, and getting some really good deals.

That means the team is getting some good things, but I think this deal might have a bit of a price tag.15.

Tennessee Volunteers jerseysTennessee is going to get a new logo soon, and when that happens, this deal could be a great deal.

It’s one of Tennessee’s best deals of the year.16.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers jerseysThe Buccaneers have been on a hot streak, but these new uniforms have been solid.

The Bucs have a brand-new logo and have a couple

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