‘The View’ to host Trump ‘America’s Got Talent’ episode: ‘I’ve seen it all’

When ‘The VIEW’ first announced its return to primetime, it promised to tackle politics, sports, and pop culture with an array of guests, including former president Barack Obama, comedian Robin Williams, and ‘America.

Get Ready for America’ star Lena Dunham.

But the show’s return, which will be taped this month, was marred by a series of controversies.

A new host and a new executive producer were also hired.

But now, ‘The Views’ is back with a new host, who’s still trying to figure out how to handle the fallout from ‘The Apprentice’ host Donald Trump’s repeated sexual misconduct allegations against the former Miss USA contestant.

And the show is finally returning to air with a much more diverse cast.

Here are the top ten reasons why ‘The Show’ is the right show for everyone.


Trump’s behavior has been widely criticized.

‘The Donald’ is a misogynist, racist, xenophobic and sexist bully, who has been accused of attacking women in public and harassing women on the campaign trail.

He has called the media “the enemy” and has attacked people for their sexual orientation.

Trump has also been accused by a number of women of sexually assaulting them.

His supporters and his political opponents have also made disparaging remarks about him.

Despite the attacks and harassment, Trump has still managed to maintain his popularity among Republican voters.

Trump also has an almost unparalleled ability to keep the public divided.

While most Americans are divided on the issues of climate change, healthcare, gun control and the environment, the Republican Party has consistently led in the polls in every year since he became the presumptive nominee in the 2016 election.

In recent years, this division has resulted in more than a few public protests, which are often violent and violent at times.

The show has had to deal with this as well.

In August, it was forced to cancel a scheduled appearance by Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi after protesters and a press corps threatened to assault the congresswoman.

This month, it canceled a planned appearance by President Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon.

Trump himself has made similar accusations against the media, which he said have been dishonest in covering his campaign.

It’s not clear if the show will be able to hold on to its viewers this week.


It is airing at the beginning of the Trump presidency.

‘Views’ was a critical part of the 2016 presidential election, airing at exactly the same time the Republican and Democratic parties were at their highest point.

‘We can’t let the ratings slip.

We need to be there with a message of hope and change,’ host Joy Behar said on the show in January.

‘Trump’s a racist, a misogynistic, xenophobe, a sexist.

He’s a bully, and he’s a bigot, and we can’t allow him to come back to the White House,’ Behar added.

The ratings were so good, the show was able to remain in the top five shows in the advertiser-supported cable news network’s most-watched night of the year.


It can air in the middle of the night.

‘America’ has been an important platform for the show for years.

But its return was also plagued by the first major political scandal of the new Trump administration, which saw Trump fired from his job as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

After a week of protests, Trump agreed to stay on as chairman until the FCC reopens.

He then went to the Rose Garden and announced his intention to fire FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who had previously been the chair.

It was a big political win for Trump, who could have easily lost his job, and it was the first time the public had heard of Trump’s alleged sexual misconduct.


‘I’m glad it’s back.

It’ll give people hope, and hopefully, people will come to tune in, and people will see what they’re doing, and see what’s happening on the ground,’ Beaujolaire said.

The episode also gave ‘The American Dream’ host Steve Harvey a platform to speak about his own personal struggles.

But ‘The Americans’ finale had a lot more to do with Trump’s presidency.

It aired just after Trump announced that he would be taking a leave of absence from the Whitehouse.

This meant that ‘The Adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow’ star Anthony Hopkins would take over as host of the show.

Hopkins’ show also included the premiere of a new show called ‘The President Show’ that was expected to focus on the first lady Melania Trump.

This was the show that would feature Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., who was expected, according to Deadline, to talk about ‘all things politics’ for the first-time since the 2016 campaign.

But by the end of ‘The Presidents’ season, Trump had stepped down as the host of ‘Captain Jack Sparrow.’

The show ended its run with Trump taking to Twitter to announce