How to know if the Jaguars will wear their new jerseys?

The NFL is giving us new jerseys that are not only a new look, but they are the first in a whole new look.

The Jaguars will start wearing their new uniforms in the preseason opener against the New York Giants on Sept. 10.

The first preseason game will be in Chicago.

The jerseys will be worn by the Jaguars’ defensive backs.

The jerseys are a little different than the previous Jaguars’ jerseys, according to the NFL.

The new Jaguars jerseys feature a more angular design with the number “J” above the jersey number.

The number is not a “J,” but the jersey is more angular.

The jersey has been redesigned and a new logo is in place.

The logo features a star and a black circle with an “X” over it.

The star is the name of the NFL’s most valuable franchise, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jaguars’ new jerseys feature the number 13 on the back of the jersey and the “J.”

The logo on the Jaguars jersey has a white star and white lettering with an arrow pointing to the star.

The Jaguars are wearing black on their jerseys, a color that has been popular with the team for years.

The jersey has black on the sleeve, the shoulder and the sleeves, but the team is wearing the color black on both shoulders.

The white stars on the jersey also look like the team’s black stars.