How to watch the NBA Finals in 2018-19: The Seattle Kraken

The Seattle Sounders’ franchise jersey has been the subject of much discussion in recent weeks, with many fans speculating that it was purchased by an anonymous person who wants to give away the jerseys to anyone who wears the team’s uniform.

But now, a new report has emerged that could prove that this is just a theory. 

According to ESPN’s Adam Hooper, the jersey is being given away for free to anyone wearing the Sounders’ alternate uniform. 

“It’s a cool, cool deal.

It’s going to happen, so get your jersey right now and give it to someone,” Sounders player Chad Marshall said. 

The jersey will be available to fans in the Seattle area for the first time on Sunday when the Sounders take on the LA Galaxy in the final of the 2018 MLS SuperDraft. 

But instead of a team jersey, fans can opt to have their name on the jersey instead. 

Marshall also noted that it’s not the first jersey that the Sounders have offered fans, as the team previously offered jerseys for players and staff during the 2017 MLS Cup Final. 

So far, fans have chosen to wear their Sounders jersey, as well as the home and away jerseys, but Marshall said the team is still working on the final details. 

There are still many questions about what will happen to the jersey, which was last donated to the Seattle Sounders in April of this year.

Will it be returned to the Sounders?

Will it remain on the team store for a year? 

If the jersey goes away, will fans be able to buy a new jersey? 

And how long will the team keep the jersey?