NJ. governor announces jersey governor position: 3 more jobs, 3 more days

NEW YORK — New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie on Monday announced three new jobs, two more days of vacation and three new hours of vacation for his staff.

Christie’s announcement comes amid a national political crisis in the Garden State.

Christie, a former U.S. attorney, has faced criticism from Democrats and the national media for his handling of the case of Officer Michael Slager, who was shot and killed by a white South Carolina police officer last month.

Democrats have charged that Christie failed to properly investigate the death of Slager’s unarmed black driver, Michael Slain, as part of a larger investigation into police misconduct and racial bias in the United States.

The new jobs will take Christie’s total to 11.

Christie has already announced three more days’ vacation and one additional day off each week during his first term as governor.

The announcement came in a news conference in the state capital, Trenton.

“We are announcing a three-year, $20 million expansion of our Governor’s Office, which will include new leadership, expanded resources, and expanded support for the Governor’s Department, our citizens and our public safety,” Christie said in the announcement.

“Today, I am proud to announce that Governor Christie will be stepping down as Governor of New Jersey to take on this new role as Governor, and to take the role of the new Jersey Governor.”

Christie, who has been in office since 2013, will stay on as the Republican governor for the rest of the term, which ends March 31.

He has been the most powerful person in New Jersey since his inauguration in January 2021.

His decision to leave office came just a week after a grand jury indicted former Mayor Cory Booker on a charge of accepting more than $1 million in campaign donations from a developer and real estate executive in exchange for campaign contributions.

The indictment stems from a grand-jury investigation that was opened by a state investigation into a corruption scheme involving Booker and his then-deputy chief of staff, Thomas Kelly.

Booker is scheduled to be sentenced in January.

Christie had been scheduled to return to New Jersey from New York on Monday to attend a memorial service for slain officer Slager.