Patriots sign RB Tom Brady, LB Chris Baker, WR Dontrelle Inman, WR Tandon Doss, CB Chris Maragos, DT John Hughes

Tom Brady is making moves to add a veteran and draft pick.

Here’s what you need to know about his moves.

Tom Brady has added a veteran, draft pick and WR to his roster.

New England Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett has signed a three-year deal with the team, and wide receiver Brandon LaFell has signed with the Miami Dolphins.

The Patriots added receiver Brandon Marshall from the Miami Heat on Tuesday and wideout Brandon LaFleur from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Wednesday.

They also added receiver Chris Hogan and cornerback Logan Ryan on Thursday.

The Dolphins signed receiver Jarvis Landry, a free agent, to a two-year contract.

Landry will earn $5 million in base salary in 2017 and $3.5 million per year in 2018.

Landry will make $3 million this season and $2.5 more each of the next two seasons, depending on how the Dolphins use him.

He will earn about $1 million per game this season.

Miami also signed receiver Chris Johnson and offensive tackle Anthony Steen on Wednesday, adding depth to a position that has been ravaged by injuries.

Johnson is a free-agent signee who will make about $2 million this year.

He is a good fit for Miami, where the offensive line has been plagued by injuries in recent seasons.

Steen, who played for the Steelers last season, has been working out for the Miami Bills and will likely join the Dolphins at some point.

He made $1.3 million in the final year of his contract last season.

The other two additions were linebackers Chris Baker and Tandon Dooley.

Baker is an undrafted free agent and a former first-round pick of the New Orleans Saints.

He played three seasons with the Bears, including two with the 49ers.

Dooley played four seasons with Baltimore and Miami, before signing with the Panthers last year.

The Dolphins have two free agents: linebacker Tashaun Gipson and wide receivers Josh Jones and Brandin Cooks.

Baker, a fifth-round draft pick in 2016, is entering his third season with the Patriots and will earn between $4.1 million and $5.9 million this coming season.

He has started six games this season, including the Super Bowl.

He recorded nine tackles and one pass breakup in the Superbowl.

Dooley, who has spent the past two seasons with Carolina, has started three games for the Panthers and has four sacks.

Doherty is a fourth-round selection in 2016.

He spent the last two seasons playing for the Patriots, including three years with the Bills.

The Bucs also signed tight end Tyler Eifert to a three year contract.

He was a third-round choice in 2016 and has spent parts of two seasons in Tampa Bay.

The Bucs have three free agents to add to their roster: offensive lineman Joe Hawley and linebacker Michael Thomas.

Hawley is a seventh-round rookie who has played in seven games with the New York Jets and Seattle Seahawks this season (including one start).

Thomas was the No. 3 overall pick in the 2015 draft.

The Broncos, Bears and Patriots are the only teams to have not signed a free agency player this offseason.

The Patriots have the highest number of players to sign in 2017 with nine, followed by the Bears with six and the Steelers with five.

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