Rangers’ Scott Pippen: ‘I think it’s been a big disappointment’

RTE 2.8 million tickets sold for tonight’s home game against St Kilda.

“We were pretty disappointed with the way we played the first two games,” Rangers captain Scott Pidd was quoted as saying.

“We were getting our chances and getting some good ones but it was still frustrating to lose.”

We didn’t get the bounces and we’ve got to be very careful in the next two games.

“The last game, we’ve only been playing a few minutes so I don’t know if we have the pace or we’ve had a few bounces in the first game but the second game we didn’t give ourselves enough opportunities to get our shots on goal.”

I think we’ve just got to get back to playing our game.

“Rangers captain Scott Lydiate: “We’re just looking forward to tomorrow.

The last three games have been a bit disappointing, but it’s not a surprise.

It’s a matter of how many bounces you get in a game.

I’m not really worried about it because we’re just here to do our job.

“It’s the next game against Essendon next week where we’ll be looking to keep going forward.

We know we’ve still got a few games to play.”

Ricky Henderson’s side will face the Bombers in the last home game of the season.

Ricky Herbert: “The game against the Bomber is one of those that has been frustrating for us.

For the first half we didn, for sure, we couldn’t get any bounces in front of the goal and the result was pretty poor.

But then they took a good lead, got some good bounces and then we just had to come back.”

The boys have come together and we’re trying to do the right things and keep pushing.

“Tonight’s a big game for us, a game that will be very important.

That’s where we want to be and that’s where it all starts.”RICHMOND 2.4 million tickets for tonight night’s game against Richmond were sold out.RICHPOT 1.9 million tickets have been sold for this weekend’s game between the Roos and Geelong.RACES 0.4-million tickets have already been sold, with the remaining games sold out in Melbourne and Perth.