The Cleveland Cavaliers jerseys will be worn in the 2017 NBA All-Star Game

LOS ANGELES — The Cleveland Cavs are poised to unveil a new jersey design for the 2017 All-star game, which will feature an iconic logo emblazoned on the back.

The Cavaliers have used the logo in its uniforms for the past several years.

The team has been criticized by fans for not using a recognizable logo, and it is the only team that has not used it on its uniforms.

A Cavs spokesperson told on Friday that the team has decided to continue to use the iconic logo in the design for a new uniform.

“This year we have decided to use our brand’s iconic logo on our jerseys, but we’ve taken some liberties and will continue to be able to use it throughout the game,” the team said in a statement.

“Our logo will be the primary color and will be featured prominently throughout our jerseys throughout the event.

This will give fans a great visual experience for their team, while also honoring the iconic Cleveland Cavaliers logo that we’ve worn since its inception.”

A spokesperson for the NBA said the logo was selected to honor the history of the NBA, and that it was selected based on what the team considered to be “the most iconic, recognizable, recognizable and iconic basketball brand in the world.”

The logo was designed by former NBA Commissioner David Stern, who has been an adviser to the team for the last decade.

The logo features the letter “C,” which is the same letter as the one on the logo worn by the New York Knicks during their championship run.

A similar logo was worn on the jersey worn by LeBron James and the Miami Heat in their championship parade.

James, who is from Akron, Ohio, wore the iconic jersey during the 2016 NBA Finals.

He wore the Cavs jersey for a number of games, but didn’t use it on a regular basis.

“We’re just very excited to see this new jersey with the iconic Cavs logo, especially for a game that will feature the best players in the NBA,” James said in April.

“I think we have a great brand, and I think the fans are going to love it.

It’s just going to be a great night.

It will be great to see the Cavs in the All-Stars game.”

The team is also set to unveil new uniforms for a couple of different seasons.

The Cleveland-based NBA team will debut the uniforms this summer, as well as another uniform this season for the 2019-20 season.

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