What you need to know about the upcoming jersey season

You know when your team is in a tight spot?

That’s when it gets a jersey.

The Philadelphia 76ers jersey is the only one on the market this season, and it’s one of the best looking.

But this is just the beginning.

Here are our best picks for the next season’s jerseys.1.

Washington Wizards: Blue JerseyNo team has worn this jersey since 1995.

The team will get one of its jerseys back, but only with a new, improved logo.

(The logo is still under construction.)

The new logo should give the team an even more recognizable look.2.

San Antonio Spurs: Black JerseyThis one looks like a nice throwback to the Spurs’ first jerseys, but this one should have a new look.

(It should be a mix of blue and gray.)

The new logo is more streamlined, while the jerseys still feature the same iconic shield logo from the ’95-96 season.3.

Phoenix Suns: Gold JerseyThis jersey has been in the works for some time.

A lot of teams have gone back and changed their uniforms to get their look, but not the Suns.

The Suns should be the first to get it back.

They have the best logo in the league.4.

Detroit Pistons: Black JerseysDetroit is always a team to be excited about, and this one will certainly be a huge deal for the city.

(This is an all-black design, too.)

The logo should be as modern as possible.5.

Dallas Mavericks: Black/Silver JerseyThis is the third-best looking jerseys, and the new logo looks great.

(They are still making new ones every season, though.)

The blue is a nice shade of blue, but the jerseys are still the same old, same old.6.

Minnesota Timberwolves: Black ShirtThis looks like the type of jersey you wear with your team’s blue and black.

But it should be updated with a black shirt, like the team’s old uniforms.7.

Atlanta Hawks: Black T-ShirtAtlanta might have had their best season ever last year, but they’re still not getting the new look they had last season.

(If you want the old look, you should go with the old ones.)

The old logo is in need of a fresh start, so the new design is coming in a couple of weeks.8.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Blue ShirtThe Cavs’ logo is an old one.

(You can still see the logo on the sleeve of this shirt, which is the official Cavs apparel.)

This year’s design will be more modern, but still the old one that was designed in 1995.9.

Los Angeles Lakers: Gold JerseysLakers fans have been asking for the black jerseys since the ’90s, but their current one doesn’t look like the ones that wore them in the past.

But they have a brand new one, so they should have one soon.10.

New York Knicks: Black & White JerseysThe Knicks are not new to making new jerseys, having been on the road for the last two seasons.

But their current jerseys are just plain old jerseys.

(Sorry, New York, this is your last chance to get the old jerseys back.)

But this new design will have a modern look.11.

Washington State Cougars: Black, White, GoldJerseys have been on sale since 2011, but fans have never been happy with the look.

This new look will bring fans back to the old era.12.

Toronto Raptors: Black-and-Blue JerseysRaptors fans were happy with this new look from last season, but it’s now the Raptors’ to lose.

(A lot of fans were upset when the Raptors pulled their jerseys in March.)

This new design should be more of a nod to the past, while keeping the current jerseys.13.

Portland Trail Blazers: Gold & Blue JerseysWith all the changes to the Trail Blazers’ uniform this season — from jerseys to new uniforms — this is the one to get.

(In addition to the new logos, the Blazers will get new alternate uniforms this year.)14.

Cleveland Warriors: Black&White JerseysThis new look is a step in the right direction, but Warriors fans will be disappointed with this one.

They’re still wearing the old logo, but its a more modern look than they had in the ’00s.15.

Atlanta Bucks: Black Black&Blue JerseyThe new look should bring some much-needed excitement to the franchise.

But the team is not in good shape with a lot of uniforms to wear.

(Also, it will be a lot more expensive than the previous look.)16.

Chicago Bulls: Black Gold & Black JerseyThis looks awesome, but Bulls fans have also been unhappy with the current look.

The new look looks more like the Bulls’ ’05-06 uniforms.17.

New Orleans Pelicans: Black and Gold JerseyNew Orleans’

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