When the Buckeyes beat Ohio State, it was the biggest upset in the history of college football

By now you’re probably familiar with the name that has become synonymous with the BCS title game between the Buckeye and Buckeyes. 

It was named after an era when the Buckettes and Buckeye teams played on the same field. 

But there is no such thing as a rivalry that starts with the Buc and the Buckee, and it was no different in the case of the 2013 game. 

This year, the game was played on a neutral field at the University of Cincinnati. 

When the Bucs beat Ohio States, it meant the Buckes were the hottest team in college football history, and their rivals were the coldest. 

With two undefeated seasons under their belts, Ohio State was primed to take the title from Ohio. 

The Buckeyes’ offense was the hottest in college basketball history, averaging an eye-popping 6.4 points per game.

They averaged 11.4 assists per game and had an NCAA-record 1,973 total points scored. 

Despite the Buckees dominating their conference, Ohio’s defense, which was in the middle of a two-game losing streak, did everything it could to slow down the Buckelese offense. 

Injuries to key players led to Ohio State’s season ending on January 8th. 

On January 10, Ohio dropped its final game of the season to Michigan, in which it fell to 3-6. 

However, the Buckins had made an impression on the rest of the country, and that will only continue to grow with their next opponent. 

“They’ve played a very good schedule so far this year,” Ohio head coach Thad Matta said in the aftermath of the loss.

“I think we’re going to have a really good team.” 

It will be a tough road for Ohio State to get back to the national title game in 2017. 

They will face the defending champion Alabama Crimson Tide at the Carrier Dome on March 1st. 

Both teams play on the home court, but the Buccoes will have a bigger advantage because they play in the Big Ten Championship Game. 

Ohio State’s win over Ohio State on the neutral field will send a message to the rest the country that the Buchees are back, and will likely cause the rest to follow suit. 

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