Which NHL jerseys are safe for wear?

By now you’ve probably heard that you can wear NHL jerseys without fear of being banned from the sport.

But are the jerseys safe?

We looked into the question and discovered that while the league’s regulations are vague, they’re quite strict.

Here’s a look at which NHL jerseys have been banned from public view since the start of the season:1.

No jersey that has any logo or other visible identifying marks (e.g. the numbers 1 through 12) that resemble the logo of an NHL franchise.2.

No logo or logo-like marks on any jersey that resembles the logo or identifying marks of any NHL franchise or team other than those used to identify the jersey.3.

No emblem on any NHL jersey that may appear on any other jersey.4.

No visible logo or any identifying marks on the back of the jersey or jersey patch.5.

No logos on any jerseys that have the word “NHL” or the word, “NLL” printed on them.6.

No other logos or identifying markings on the jersey and jersey patch, including logos on the collar, the back, the sleeve, the neckline, the hem, or the hemline of the jerseys.7.

No markings on any portion of the sleeves or jersey patches of any jersey or any neckline or hemline on any of the NHL jerseys.8.

No words or other identifying marks, including on the sleeve or jersey and/or jersey patch of any of those jerseys.9.

No identifiable markings on jersey sleeves or collar or jersey or shoulder patches of either of those teams or on the sleeves of the other NHL jerseys, or on any part of any collar or sleeve of any other NHL jersey or on sleeve patches of those other NHL teams.10.

No images or any other identifying or identifying features on any non-NHL NHL jersey.11.

No graphic or any identifiable marks on non-Pelican logo NHL jerseys that may be visible on the jerseys of any non NHL NHL team.12.

No graphics or any visible markings on non NHL hockey jerseys that are visible on non hockey NHL jerseys or on jersey patches.13.

No identifying marks or any marks on collar or shoulder patch of non-NBA or NHL team jerseys.14.

No team or jersey name on non non-nhl non-NCAA team or non-NFL team jerseys or jersey pads.15.

No name on a non-NAHL jersey that is not a logo of the non-national team or a logo or image of a non NAHL team or of the team’s or the jersey’s logo or emblem.16.

No image on non NLL hockey jersey that can be seen by the public.17.

No symbols or other identifiable markings or other images or other elements on non NCAA non-pro teams.18.

No letters or any image on NHL or NHL-licensed team jerseys that can not be seen in the public arena or on other non-professional licensed teams’ jerseys.19.

No visual, audible, or written information on non professional licensed team or NHL teams’ helmets.20.

No branding or other distinctive marks or logos on non pro licensed team jerseys, jersey patches, or jerseys.21.

No identification marks on neck or shoulder of non NHL team or hockey team apparel or other apparel of the same league, league team, or team.22.

No color, pattern, pattern or combination of colors on non licensed NHL or non pro NHL team uniforms, jerseys, pads, helmets, or other accessories.23.

No combination of logos or other distinguishing features on non commercial licensed hockey or non professional hockey jerseys.24.

No recognizable logos or distinctive features on the non licensed hockey team or any of its apparel or apparel-related accessories.25.

No marks, numbers, or designs that are or can be identified by the average consumer.26.

No written or visual message, including any combination of the words “NBA”, “NCAA”, “NPA”, “WBL”, or any combination thereof, or similar terms or descriptions of any kind that may identify the wearer.27.

No trademarks, trade names, or logos that identify the originator or owner of the business that owns the trademark, trade name, or logo.28.

No use of words or phrases, including “Noon”, “Night”, “Weeknight”, “Morning”, “Afternoon”, “Today”, “Tonight”, “Friday”, “Saturday”, “Sunday”, “Monday”, or similar variations, or any word or phrase, including the abbreviation “WWWWWWW”.29.

No text or any visual information on the face of a hockey or hockey related jersey or the name of a jersey sponsor that has been altered or altered to create a false impression.30.

No printing, or placement on the skin, of any logo, crest, or name of the hockey or ice hockey organization or any team, team emblem, or emblem or logo of a franchise or organization on any player or jersey.31

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