Bears’ new jerseys: New Falcon jersey design

It’s not every day a team has a new jersey design.

But the Chicago Bears’ uniforms are nothing if not retro, with a bold new logo, bold black-and-white colors and bold black lines and stripes.

The team’s new black-on-black jerseys come in black, white, blue and green, with white and red trim on the front.

The black stripes on the backs of the jerseys match the stripes on a new Nike basketball uniform, the Nike Air Max 1.

The new uniforms also have black stripes running across the chest and collar, with the white and white lettering on the back.

The pants on the new jerseys have the “Bears” on the chest, collar, sleeves and leg holes.

The jerseys are designed by Jordan Katz, who previously worked for Nike and was part of the Nike design team that created the Air Max, and are the second-most popular uniforms in the NFL.

They’re the most popular jersey for the Bears, behind only the Seahawks, who have won the most regular-season games in the league.

The other team with the most wins is the Carolina Panthers, who won 15.6 games last season.

The new black jerseys have a bolder design than the previous black uniforms the Bears wore last season, which had the “F” logo.

The bold new black on the jerseys is reminiscent of the logos used on the original Air Max sneakers.

The color palette is also more vibrant than previous jerseys.

The black-colored uniforms are made by Adidas.

The first version of the Air Force and Army uniform had a black-red color scheme, which was changed to white last season for the new uniforms.