Dodgers are ‘happy to take on the Giants’ $2.3B jersey cost

The Dodgers are “happy to” take on Giants’ jersey cost, but they have other plans in mind, according to sources familiar with their plans.

The Dodgers, according a source familiar with the negotiations, have other ideas.

The team is also weighing a potential deal with other teams to pay for the cost of the Giants jerseys, but that plan could change depending on the outcome of the trade talks, the source said.

The Dodgers’ next season starts in 2019, but the team has not indicated whether they will play in 2019 or 2020.

The Giants, meanwhile, have not indicated any interest in the Dodgers’ proposal.

The Giants’ interest in playing in 2020 or 2021 comes after the team recently signed veteran pitcher Ryan Vogelsong to a four-year contract worth $62 million, according an NFL source familiar in the matter.

The new contract also includes a $13 million signing bonus.

The deal includes $7 million in incentives, but those incentives could not be reported because the Giants have not made an offer.

The NFL’s rules allow teams to take advantage of their financial leverage when trading players.

The rules allow for teams to use the option to trade players with a value of $10 million or less, which can be triggered for a maximum value of six years, six months, six days, six hours, and six minutes.

The players included in the Giants deal are right-hander Chris Capuano ($13 million), outfielder Brandon Belt ($13.5 million), infielder Matt Duffy ($11.5 m) and infielder Josh Hamilton ($11 million).

The Giants have a total of $63.9 million in salary cap space, and they will be able to sign free agents who are under team control.

The team is set to announce its 2017 offseason spending plans at a press conference Wednesday.