How a homeless man was reunited with his father after he lost his job to a homeless worker

The story of a man who spent three months living on the streets in Delhi’s capital, Delhi, has inspired an internet sensation and has sparked a social media campaign.

The man, a homeless labourer, had been living in a nearby shop on the outskirts of the capital.

He was sacked from his job when the landlord found out that he had been staying there without paying.

“I was like, what’s the point?

I don’t want to go back,” he said.

“It’s just not worth it anymore.”

The man had been earning about Rs 10,000 a month in Delhi but when he decided to make the change to make ends meet, he fell into a deep depression.

He became suicidal.

“When I realised that my wife and kids were sleeping on my sofa, I thought, how can I go back to this place?

And the same thought struck me: why should I be here?

I just want to be with my wife, my children, my parents,” he told the Times of Indian.

So, the homeless man, who has been known as K.G.K., approached a homeless shelter in Delhi, where he had worked for a year, and got a job as a cleaner.

The shelter offered him Rs 20 a day and food rations.

But K.M. also started to look for work.

“When I came back, I realised, my salary was Rs 5,000, so what am I going to do with it?”

K.K. said.

A year later, the money ran out.

So he decided he would take the job back and stay on the street, living on a mattress and selling cheap goods.

He spent days picking up trash in front of the shelter, sometimes selling more than a kilo.

“I was just doing it because I didn’t have any money.

My wife is my only source of income, so I couldn’t do it,” he added.

The homeless man eventually found work at a petrol station, but he was not happy.

He started to work on the night shift.

The shelter said he was given food ration, but that he was paid a very low wage.

“He was given Rs. 3,000 and I was paid Rs. 5,500,” said K. K. “But my salary didn’t match my wage.

He could only make Rs. 20 per day, but I had to work for Rs. 30.”

So, K. G. K decided to try and earn money again.

He asked a friend of his to sell him a laptop computer, which he had not been able to buy in the past.

“Then I started doing my best to earn money,” he explained.

But after a year-and-a-half, K.’s salary fell and he stopped working.

He decided to take the money and start his own business.

He bought a car, and started selling used clothes and shoes at a shop in south Delhi.

He sold his car, too, and now he has a small shop in central Delhi, selling used cars.

“Now, I earn a living.

I make a lot of money,” K. C. K said.

But the homeless worker’s business is struggling.

“My son works for the police.

I don.

I am not even earning enough to feed my family,” he lamented.