How do you avoid the worst possible outcome for your team?

The NRL season is still a year away and many are beginning to get their minds around the fact the NRL has not had a blockbuster blockbuster blockbuster title to mark the start of the season.

However, the competition is not without its issues.

The following are five reasons why the NRL is facing the biggest possible crisis in the coming weeks.1.

The salary cap has fallenSo what happens next?

The salary cap is set at $100 million in the first year of the deal and this is the starting point for the season which starts next week.

With the salary cap going up to $200 million, the salary ceiling is set to rise.

In addition to this, there are no longer the same amount of marquee marquee contracts signed in the off-season as there were a few years ago.

The biggest of these was the $100,000-a-year deal between Mitchell Pearce and the Cronulla Sharks which the club had secured before the season started.

That contract had been extended until the end of 2020 and was worth $100m to the Sharks.

At the time, the Cronusians were on the upswing, taking home the premiership and premiership points for the first time since 2008.

However they failed to win the finals and were forced to make the decision to trade Pearce for the halves.

They are now a different club and have a number of other key players in the mix who are expected to be on the move for the upcoming season.

In the meantime, the NRL can be assured the salary limit will remain at $60 million for the rest of the NRL season.2.

It is a major salary cap challengeThe NRL’s salary cap will rise from $100.7 million to $125 million next season.3.

The NRL is not yet readyThe salary ceiling will not be a problem for all clubs this year and the salary caps for the past four seasons have not been a problem.

The salary caps have been increasing in a gradual way since 2015.

The cap was $50 million at the start and has been increasing each season since then.

At this stage, it is a big issue.

The NRL has to have a plan B, which would be to keep the salary ceilings at $75 million and the number of marquee contracts around $50-60 million.4.

The competition is still youngThe NRL is also still a new competition and the first season is the most important one to get right.

The players are in the NRL and it is the competition they have to prove themselves.

The clubs are not as well established as they were a couple of years ago and this year will be their first chance to prove they are ready to be in the big leagues.5.

The finals is a very important seasonThe premiership season is one of the most pivotal in the entire NRL season and it will be a key to the season for all of the clubs.

The first five finals games of the 2017 season are set to take place in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Manly.

Each of these games will be crucial to the club’s premiership hopes.

The finals are a big one and they have the highest stakes.

The teams who finish in the top four of each of the five categories will face each other in the finals.

The top four teams in each of these five categories, will play each other for a spot in the grand final.5a.

A big change to the salary poolThe salary pool will be expanded from $150,000 to $175,000.

The major difference will be in players.

The AFL’s salary pool is set for $150 million.

The CBA changed the salary level to $180 million and this meant there were two players in each club.

The next salary cap change will mean the salary levels for each club will be $100-110 million for players and $150-160 million for clubs.

This will mean that the AFL will be the only major league to have the two highest salary levels in the competition and also the only one to have two teams with $150million and $175million salary caps.

The average salary in the CBA has been $150m.6.

The Cronulla deal will take placeIn 2016, Cronulla signed Pearce to a six-year contract worth $50m.

He was then moved to the Warriors and the Raiders were left with the $5.8 million salary cap hit.

The Cronulla and Warriors deal was a huge coup for the Cronies.

Pearce was one of their most consistent players and he was their biggest signing.

He had been with the Warriors for two years before he signed for the Sharks but his contract was not up until 2019.

The Sharks, however, were left in a tough spot.

They had a $50,000 salary cap liability and were under pressure to bring in a player.

The Sharks made the move with a clause that allowed them to release Pearce to the Raiders for a minimum of $2 million in salary cap