How to be a soccer fan

I was born and raised in the LA area, which means I am familiar with LAFC, Chivas, and LA Galaxy. 

But I didn’t know much about the LA Galaxy or LAFC. 

I had only heard about the team via some tweets and Facebook posts from friends, but I had no idea if I was the only one who knew about the club. 

The LA Galaxy are not the most famous of sports franchises in LA, but they have made an impact on my life in ways that other sports franchises don’t. 

In my first year of high school, I got a Galaxy jersey. 

For the next few years, I was a regular fixture on the team’s youth academy, participating in their games and watching their training sessions. 

Over time, I learned more about the players and the fans, and eventually I started following the team. 

When I graduated from high school and moved to college, I decided to buy a Galaxy shirt. 

After graduating from college, however, I had to switch schools and find a new job, and so my new job as a soccer player became my primary source of income. 

My salary is not enough to cover the cost of the Galaxy jersey, so I have to rely on a loan to cover my tuition. 

So I started working at a sports bar, working in the team locker room, and selling t-shirts and stickers to help cover my rent and living expenses. 

Every week, I would come home and find my laptop, laptop charger, and headphones in the trash. 

All of that money was gone by the end of the week. 

This was frustrating, as I was starting to get my first taste of financial hardship. 

And it became even more frustrating when I began hearing rumors about the Galaxy and LAFC that I could not believe. 

These rumors were based on a few anonymous sources that I found through social media. 

At first, I thought the rumors were true, but when I looked deeper, I realized they were all lies. 

Most of the rumors I heard about LAFC were based off of the LA Sports Council (LSAC), which was a group of MLS owners, which is not a soccer team. 

  For example, when LAFC first announced their stadium project in LA in the early 2000s, LAFC said that they were going to build a stadium for the Los Angeles Chargers. 

There was no mention of the Los Angels or the LA City Football Club. 

What they were really going to do was to buy the Los Chargers stadium. 

They also used a lot of these same words to describe the new stadium in San Diego. 

According to some reports, the LAFC team also talked about using the new LA stadium as a training facility for the LA United Soccer Club. 

 The LAFC stadium is not the first time that LAFC has talked about the new team being built in San Francisco. 

On February 12, 2018, they said the LA team would be taking over a former home stadium in Carson. 

However, the site has since been purchased by a developer. 

Another rumor claimed that the LA LAFC would be building a stadium in the city of Inglewood. 

It is unknown if the rumors of the new Los Angeles stadium in Inglebrook are true. 

While the rumors that the Los Angles would be using the LA stadium to train players are not true, they still are a very common rumor. 

Many fans, especially young fans, were skeptical about the idea of the team taking over the LA Chargers stadium in 2019. 

As a result, many people in LA began to boycott the team until LAFC finally made it official in 2021. 

 I still feel like I am living in a bubble because of the fact that I have not seen the LA LAGS team play a game in my lifetime. 

Unfortunately, the lack of the stadium in my area has impacted my life and my family. 

Instead of being able to see the team play in the area, I am unable to buy or rent a ticket for the team to play in my community. 

To put it simply, my life has been negatively affected by the LA franchise. 

If I could go back to the day when the LA soccer team played in my neighborhood, I wouldn’t be living in LA. 

Sadly, this does not have to be the case. 

One day, if LAFC is able to secure a new stadium, I will be able to go to the stadium and watch the team live. 

During this time, fans and media outlets should start reporting the LALAGS rumors, especially in the local media.

LAFC did not respond to a request for comment. 

Follow Jack on Twitter at @JackBastidas.

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