What to watch for when the Nets play the Celtics

New York City-based photographer Scott Pippen has been documenting the rise of NBA players in Brooklyn since 2011.

In addition to the team’s new uniforms and the NBA draft lottery, Pippens’ Instagram feed features photos from various events, including the 2016 NBA All-Star game.

And during this week’s Nets-Celtics preseason game, the two teams will be wearing different jerseys.

Here’s what to look for on Wednesday.

The Nets have worn their traditional jerseys since April, with the most recent one featuring a blue collar, white collar, and black/gray color scheme.

The Nets also have worn the classic red, black, and gold colors for most of the season.

The last two years have been particularly exciting, as they have played some of their best basketball since a four-game losing streak in February.

“It’s nice to see guys like Joe Johnson and Deron Williams wearing different uniforms,” Pippes said.

“It gives you a chance to get a different look.”

The Celtics have worn red, blue, and green jerseys for the majority of the year, but they’ve changed their look more recently. 

“The Celtics’ jersey was really a throwback, a bit of a retro look to when they were a little younger,” Pidders said.

Last season, they wore a white-collar jersey with a blue-collar collar and black-and-gold logo on the front.

In January, the Celtics’ uniforms were red and black.

This season, the jerseys are going red and blue.

On Wednesday, the teams will wear a new uniform with a white collar and a blue and gold logo on top.

It will be the first time the two players have worn uniform designs in a season.

Pippens says the jersey has the look of the Nets’ current uniforms, but he believes it could look better.

“The Nets’ uniforms are a little bit different than they were last year,” he said. 

The jerseys are also a little different from the other jerseys.

They have a black collar, a black-collar shirt with white collar.

The collar on the Celtics uniform has an embroidered line and the blue-collar shirt has a blue line.

There is no black and white version of the uniform.

The Celtics are using the same color schemes for both uniforms.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the new uniforms is the new “Celtic Blue” logo.

It’s a red, white, and blue design that was designed for the NBA All, but will feature on the new Nets jersey.

“It has a lot of design flourishes, and I think it’ll be great for the jerseys to match,” Piddles said.

Pippen’s Instagram account has been inundated with photos from his travels around the city and from his time photographing the NBA games.

His favorite part of taking photos is capturing the atmosphere.

“If you take a lot more photos of people in a sports bar or a restaurant, it makes it much more authentic,” he added.

With the season about to begin, Pidder said he will start to take pictures of the game as soon as the Celtics begin their second game against the Nets on Thursday.

“When I start the game, I’ll take a few pictures of all of the players and the fans,” he told New York-based Bleacher Report.

“Then I’ll start the games as soon they start.”