How to dress to impress Kobe Bryant’s jersey

The first thing to remember when it comes to your first time seeing Kobe Bryant is to dress like the Kobe Bryant you know.

He wears a jersey and is very casual, but there’s nothing you can’t do.

Here are some tips to get you ready for your first trip to the New Jersey shore.1.

Bring a scarf or hat.

If you don’t have one, make sure you have one in the back of your backpack.

The more casual the better, and a scarf is perfect.

If the weather is too cold, bring a hat or scarf.2.

Wear a scarf.

If your scarf is not the right size, make it into a bag and bring it with you.

Make sure it’s big enough to cover your whole face and not make your eyes get too big.3.

Wear your best suit.

Make it look good with a suit, which can look really fancy with a jersey.

If it’s too long, make a short jacket and wear it over a sweater.

Wear it underneath a coat or jacket.4.

Wear socks.

Wear gloves if you have them.

You should always be wearing a glove, even if you don’ have a pair.5.

Wear some makeup.

Make a long-sleeved shirt with a tie or jacket, and wear a hat over it.

The right makeup can really make the difference between being able to take a photo and looking like the best person you know in the room.6.

Wear jeans.

You can always try a skirt, but be sure to go with something that fits your body.7.

Wear shoes.

If sneakers aren’t your thing, then a pair of loafers is always a great idea.

You’ll look much more stylish without them, and they’re more comfortable to wear.8.

Wear pants.

Try pants that aren’t too tight or too loose.

A pair of jeans is always great.9.

Wear makeup.

If there’s a red color, you should always try to wear a full-on red shirt with jeans.10.

Wear sunglasses.

You’re going to need them if you’re going out with a group, and if you wear them in public, make them a point to wear every day.11.

Wear an overcoat.

A good coat should be long enough to be able to hide your face from the sun.

It should have a hood, and the sleeves should be open enough to allow the wind to blow through without you having to wear gloves.12.

Wear hat.

The best hat for you is the one that’s the right shade.

If they’re too big or too small, that will make it hard to find a good fit.

If all else fails, you can always go with a hat that has a slit at the bottom that can be hidden by a scarf that you wear underneath.

You can find out how to dress as Kobe Bryant by visiting the official website for the Kobe Jordan Foundation, where you can find all the best tips, tricks and gear to wear for the occasion.