How to read the jersey numbers on Paul Pierce’s jersey

As soon as he stepped on the court on Sunday night, Pierce was joined by the other stars of the NBA world: LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook and the rest.

But the rest of us were left to our own devices to decipher which numbers on his jersey were representing which team.

It was the first time since the 2012 Olympics that the NBA had released the team numbers, and for a couple of reasons.

First, the NBA released the numbers for every game for the first week of the season in advance of the start of the regular season, so the team number is not available in the pre-game show.

This meant that we had to figure out which numbers were which, and which numbers represented which team when we played the games.

We did this by looking at all games of the 2017-18 regular season.

Second, we had a very limited number of games available, so we only had a handful of teams in the NBA.

We also had no way of knowing which numbers corresponded with which teams until we started counting the games, and the numbers we did get were a bit of a mess.

So we did our best to find out which team numbers represented the team in which we played.

It took some time to do this.

As a result, the team numbering on Paul Pippen’s jersey on Monday afternoon wasn’t exactly correct.

Here are some of the things we discovered: 1.

The Cavaliers were the reigning champs.

In fact, that’s what the team was, the last time the NBA counted the numbers.

But as of now, that doesn’t mean the Cavaliers were crowned champions.


James was the MVP.


Durant was the league’s MVP.


Anthony was the most valuable player in the league.


Westbrook was the best player in basketball.


The Knicks were the league leaders in assists, steals and blocks.


The Lakers were the best team in the Eastern Conference.


The Spurs were the second-best team in basketball, behind only the Wizards.


The Raptors were the third-best offensive team in baseball, behind the Yankees.


The Thunder were the sixth-best defensive team in sports.


The Warriors were the No. 1 defense.


The Heat were the top offense, behind two teams that don’t have any stars in the sport: the Lakers and the Knicks.


The Pacers were the NBA’s top defensive team.


The Bucks were the biggest underdog in the Western Conference.


The Hornets were the smallest underdog in basketball history.


The Pelicans were the most-hated team in league history.


The Clippers were the worst team in NBA history.


The Jazz were the fifth-worst team in history.


The Nets were the first franchise to be eliminated from the playoffs in history, and they didn’t make the playoffs this year.


The Celtics were the only team to win at least eight games in each of the past three seasons.


The Mavericks were the fourth-best defense in the history of the sport, behind a team that doesn, too, but the Mavericks were a good defense.


The Nuggets were the 10th-best offense in the world, ahead of only the Celtics, Warriors and Mavericks.


The 76ers were the eighth-best scoring team in professional sports, behind just the Heat, Thunder, Lakers and Clippers.


The Kings were the 13th-most efficient offense in history behind the Lakers, Warriors, Spurs and Mavericks, and ahead of just the Bulls, Clippers and Thunder.


The Magic were the 20th-ranked offense in NBA History, behind three teams that never won a title: the Spurs, Celtics and Rockets.


The Pistons were the 22nd-ranked defense in history after being the worst offense in basketball for the past eight seasons.


The Grizzlies were the 18th-highest scoring defense in basketball History.


The Bulls were the ninth-best shooting team in History.


The Suns were the 15th-lowest scoring team.


The Rockets were the 16th-worst scoring defense.


The Blazers were the 17th-biggest offensive team, ahead for the most of any team.


The Cavs were the 26th-largest defensive team, behind one team that hasn’t won a championship: the Heat.


The Hawks were the 19th-th-smallest defense in sports history.


The Wizards were the 21st-bigest offensive team.


The Timberwolves were the 27th-fewest defensive teams in history in terms of field goal percentage.


The Raiders were the 30th-least-hired team in recent history, ahead, in order, of the Lakers (who didn’t hire anyone,