How to spot the newest jerseys for the NBA draft

The NBA draft is right around the corner and while some teams have announced their selections, many others have not yet revealed their selections.

The first week of the NBA season starts today and the first three games will feature first-round draft picks.

For the first time, there will be a first-overall pick in each of the first two rounds, and the top overall pick will be in the lottery.

The NHL is set to announce its first-ever first-year draft pick on Thursday.

The 2017 NBA draft class is expected to have three first-rounder(s), with the NBA selecting at least three players in each round. 

The first- and second-overalls are expected to be announced at 8am PT on Thursday morning.

The draft order for the first round is as follows:1.

Toronto Raptors(3)2.

Oklahoma City Thunder(3.

Atlanta Hawks(3), Cleveland Cavaliers(4)3.

Los Angeles Lakers(4.

Minnesota Timberwolves(4), Brooklyn Nets(4))4.

Portland Trail Blazers(5.

Indiana Pacers(5)5.

Washington Wizards(5, Cleveland Cavaliers)(5.

Philadelphia 76ers(6)6.

Sacramento Kings(6.

Charlotte Hornets(7)7.

Atlanta Celtics(7, Toronto Raptors)(7)8.

Milwaukee Bucks(8)9.

Philadelphia Sixers(8.

Portland L.A. Clippers)(9)10.

Los Angels Lakers(10)11.

Milwaukee 76ers (11)12.

Phoenix Suns(12)13.

Denver Nuggets(13)14.

Charlotte Bobcats(14)15.

Sacramento Republic(15)16.

Atlanta Bucks(16)17.

Orlando Magic(17)18.

Brooklyn Nets (18)19.

Utah Jazz(19)20.

Indiana Fever(20)21.

Toronto Rockets(21)22.

New York Knicks(22)23.

Memphis Grizzlies(23)24.

New Orleans Pelicans(24)25.

Atlanta Grizzlies(25)26.

Phoenix Nuggets(26)27.

Sacramento 76ers22(28)28.

New Jersey Nets(28), Cleveland Clippers(28).29.

Atlanta Thrashers(29)30.

Chicago Bulls(30)31.

Phoenix Jazz(31)32.

Milwaukee Grizzlies(32)33.

Phoenix Trail Blazers22(33)34.

Indiana Warriors(34)35.

Charlotte Cavaliers(35)36.

Memphis Hornets22(36)37.

Boston Celtics(37)38.

Minnesota Storm(38)39.

Brooklyn Raptors21(39)40.

Los Angeles Clippers(40)41.

Golden State Warriors(41)42.

Charlotte Hawks(42)43.

Charlotte Suns(43)44.

Houston Rockets20(44)45.

Utah Trail Blazers20(45)46.

Atlanta Thunder20(46)47.

Toronto Nets20(47)48.

Philadelphia Jazz(48)49.

Phoenix Thunder20, Philadelphia 76er(49)50.

Portland Rockets(50)51.

New Zealand Warriors(51)52.

Detroit Pistons20(52)53.

Chicago Bucks20(53)54.

Portland Suns20(54)55.

Milwaukee Lakers20(55)56.

Phoenix Mavericks20(56)57.

Miami Heat20(57)58.

Utah Suns20, Brooklyn Nets19(58)59.

Chicago Hornets19(59)60.

Boston Cavaliers19(60)61.

Detroit Bucks19(61)62.

Chicago Raptors19(62)63.

Los Lakers19(63)64.

Indiana 76ers19(64)65.

Cleveland Cavaliers19 (65)66.

Atlanta Mavericks19(66)67.

Toronto Suns19(67)68.

Detroit Celtics19(68)69.

Milwaukee Pacers19(69)70.

Charlotte Jazz19(70)71.

New Hampshire Nets19 (71)72.

Chicago Grizzlies19(72)73.

Detroit Bulls19(73)74.

Phoenix Raptors19 (74)75.

Indiana Hawks19(75)76.

Brooklyn Knicks19(76)77.

Milwaukee Hawks19 (77)78.

New Mexico State Aggies19 (78)79.

Milwaukee Mavericks19 (79)80.

Detroit Pacers19 (80)81.

Utah Hawks19-1(81)82.

Memphis Hawks19, Miami Heat18-1 (82)83.

Utah Thunder19-2 (83)84.

Minnesota Trail Blazers19-3 (84)85.

Chicago Fire 20-1-1, Boston Celtics 20-2-1 and Sacramento Kings 20-3-1; Phoenix Suns 20-4-1.

All teams are in the NBA lottery.