How to win your first new jersey at Casino Royale casino

Casino Royale, Queensland, Australia, November 18, 2017.

The new jersey, made from the same cotton jersey as the old one, features the words “New Jerseys, Casino Royale” on the front and a new image of James Harden on the back.

A photo of Harden was also included on the inside of the jersey.

James Harden, New Jersey Nets, new jersey.

A picture of Harden is on the jersey and on the new jersey inside.

A photo on the left of Harden and a picture of his wife, Kendall, is on James Harden’s jersey.

The new jerseys have been available for a few weeks now, but this is the first time they are officially available to purchase.

The jerseys cost $100 each, and are expected to be available through November 18.

Here is a preview of the new jerseys.

You can purchase the jerseys online here.