What happens if the Clippers get traded to Houston?

The Clippers have a ton of assets, but it’s not clear if they can sign them to long-term contracts.

One source close to the team says the Clippers have $200 million in cap space to spend.

The team’s general manager, Kevin Pritchard, has said that they could be open to trading a veteran player for cash, which would put them at risk of losing players such as Paul Pierce, Jamal Crawford, and Jamal Crawford Jr. to free agency this summer.

The Houston Rockets have some cash to spend this summer, but there are concerns about how they would be able to match any offer.

The Rockets will have $82 million in salary cap space in 2021, according to NBA.com.

However, that figure is subject to changes as the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement comes into effect in 2021.

If they can’t meet their cap projection, they will have to take on the majority of their salary-cap space, including cap space allocated for salary cap exceptions.

If the Rockets are willing to match an offer sheet from the Clippers, they would need to pay a minimum of $10 million for each player and have to match their salary.

But they would only be able offer one player to the Clippers for a max contract, which is $126.5 million for the 2018-19 season.

If they can agree to a deal with the Clippers with a player like Pierce and Crawford, the Rockets would be in position to get a player that would help them get over the luxury tax line and make a move for a star free agent, as ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported.

But even if the Rockets don’t want to match the Clippers offer sheet, they might still be able match an NBA offer sheet with a team in the Western Conference.

Houston could also move the franchise tag on Pierce, Crawford, Crawford Jr., and James Harden if they don’t sign any of those players to long term deals.