Why Kevin Durant is the most popular NBA player in Las Vegas

When you think of Kevin Durant, you probably think of Kobe Bryant.

But he’s not the only superstar who is having a year in Vegas, and that’s because the NBA has been putting together a new jersey strategy for years.

With the league set to play its third and final season in the city next month, there’s plenty of incentive for the stars to stay at their hotels and enjoy a few nights of the beach.

In the process, they could save a few thousand dollars a year on the cost of their hotels, while they’re still getting a great night’s sleep.

“It’s not like they’re getting more bang for their buck.

They’re getting a lot more bang than they would if they stayed in a hotel,” said Kevin Guglielmi, vice president of marketing at the Las Vegas Sands Corp., which operates casinos in Nevada and across the U.S.

Guglielsmi said that the NBA’s new jerseys would be worn in about 20 to 25 percent of the arena’s rooms.

But he said that wasn’t the case for the majority of the league’s players, who would likely stay in hotels and play at a casino.NBA teams, Guglici said, would pay $3,000 per game for the right to wear a new uniform and jerseys, but the average team would pay less than $100 per game.

And while that might seem like a lot of money, it’s just $1,500 for the NBA Players Association.

The NBA also is working on a new deal that would allow teams to purchase the uniforms of players that aren’t on the team, which could cost the league as much as $30 million.

That could change if the players and the league negotiate a new agreement, which has been stalled since the lockout ended.NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who has also been vocal in his criticism of the lockout, has said that players would get a new set of uniforms in exchange for a year off from the game.

But the players have yet to agree to any sort of agreement, and the players’ association has called for a new negotiation.

If that new agreement isn’t reached by the time the NBA season begins in early March, Silver could be forced to use his leverage to make changes to the league that would cost teams millions.

“We have to go beyond the salary cap.

We have to be more aggressive in terms of how we are going to work to get to the right players.

If you go back to the lockout when the salaries were so low, we could have gone the other way,” Silver said.”

This is a unique time, and there are going be players that want to play, but they want to work for the city, for their teammates.

That’s why we’re trying to work out something that will help these players and keep them here.”

For many, that’s exactly what they want.

Players have said they want the uniform strategy because it will keep them from spending more than $500 a night on a hotel room.

They want to stay in their hotels until their contracts expire, which would mean that they would be free to spend money on alcohol.

The players have also said they prefer the uniform to the new NBA jerseys because they don’t have to wear jerseys to their games, and they don and have always wanted to play at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

But when they see how the new uniforms are going, they’re not as enthused as they were when the old jerseys were released last year.

“If they make it the new uniform, that would be a real good thing.

It would be nice to be able to go to games, but at the same time, if we could see that in Las Vegas, I’m sure they would come out and see that,” said Anthony Davis, a veteran NBA player who plays for the Sacramento Kings.”

I know a lot [of players] that would love to wear the new jersey because I’ve been to a lot arenas, but I’m not that excited about it.”

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