How to keep your jersey numbers in the spotlight for your next big event

New Jersey Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur has a new jersey number that he will wear this season.

It’s the first time the 27-year-old has worn a number during a season.

Brodeus, who has a $4.9 million cap hit for next season, will wear number 13.

It was the first jersey number he wore in a season since he had 16 in 2011-12.

He is the first goalie to wear a number that does not require him to wear the number 13 for the entire season.

The Devils announced the change during the team’s media day on Wednesday.

The team said Brodeurs jersey number will be displayed on the back of the jersey in the same way as the team does with the other Devils’ goalie jerseys.

The Devils said Brodus’ new number will have a different design than the jersey number currently worn by Matt Duchene.